Moody: Rumor of ‘perceived firearm threat’ at high school unfounded

Moody High School. (Photo by John Carroll/file)
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MOODY, Texas (KWTX) Rumors circulated on social media of a “perceived firearm threat” at Moody High School are unfounded, the district’s superintendent said in a statement Friday.

"During the evening on Feb 7, false information circulated on social media about a perceived firearm threat made at Moody High School during the school day. Moody ISD will investigate all concerns and deal with any credible threat or safety issue on our campuses,” Superintendent Gary Martel said.

“When appropriate, our local law enforcement and our parents will be notified immediately,” he said.

Parents concerned about the information circulated on social media called KWTX early Friday morning.

“We also understand that our parents may deal with unwarranted and erroneous information on social media. It is unfortunate that some people use social media as a tool to create discord and doubt which can turn misinformation into a much more complex issue and in turn disrupt the educational process,” he said.