Mooreville United Methodist Church holds first service after fire

MOOREVILLE, Texas (KWTX) On a cold and rainy Sunday morning more than 100 people gathered in the fellowship hall of the Mooreville United Methodist Church to worship. This is a different setting for the Sunday service than the congregation is used to, because their 108-year-old historic church building burned down late Thursday night into Friday morning.

The Rev. Dennis Rejcek has only been with the church for a year and a half, and he says this was his most difficult sermon to deliver by far. He wanted his message to be uplifting during a dark time for the church.

“What the congregation needed to hear and what we needed to talk about changed,” said Rejcek. “And that was a message of hope. And that we are going to move on and that we are going to build, and we are not going to let this stop us. We are not going to let it stop our ministry.”

A cause for the fire has yet to be determined and Rejcek says it will be awhile before rebuilding can take place. The pastor made it known during his message that he is grateful for the outpouring of support from local communities and that he is determined the church will be rebuilt.

“Right now we are just in that holding pattern,” said Rejcek. “Take a deep breath, wait, and then we will move on, and we are going to make the right decisions.”

Rejcek also wanted to thank the first responders that were there to put out the fire and save the fellowship hall so they were able to worship Sunday.