Temple: McLane Children's patients escorted to camp

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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) Sunday was a day all the patients at McLane Children's Medical Center have been looking forward to, as their trip to "Camp Dreamcatcher" begins.

The more than 100 campers consist of patients from McLane Children's who have cancer or a blood disorder.

The annual Summer camp always begins with buses being escorted to the camp by motorcycles.

Before the campers board the buses, they get a chance to sit on all of the motorcycles.

"It’s self gratifying to see kids with smiles especially when they come out here and get to climb out on to bikes before we leave," says Gary Blackburn who is one of the bikers leading the children.

The camp takes place in Sommerville, Texas and lasts an entire week, where the children will be free from the hospital and able to participate in camping activities.

"To be able to see them in a typical kid environment doing normal kid things outside of the hospital means the world to me," says Camp Director Jenny Dameron.

Officials say patients from McLane Children's have been taking this trip annually for 21 years.