Neurosurgeon performs first deep brain stimulus surgery in Waco

Waco, Texas (KWTX) Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest neurosurgeon, Dr. Kimball Pratt is making history; he performed the first deep brain stimulus surgery in Waco and was able to change the life of his patient, Francis Steiger.

“It is just a whole new life,” Steiger said.

Steiger was born with a neurological disorder which caused tremors.

She wasn't able to do the simple things in life like cooking, crafting or even opening a water bottle.

“I was never able to really hold and cuddle a lot of babies,” Steiger said.

Two months ago Steiger underwent deep drain stimulus surgery.

During the procedure, she was awake so the doctor could test the stimulus of the tremor in the brain.

Doctors implant a device which works like a brain pacemaker when activated stops her tremors.

“It’s beyond words what I could do before to what I can do now. I’m as steady as a rock with my hands and I was able to start beading again,” Steiger said.

Now she is able to do what she thought was impossible and Dr. Pratt hopes he can change the lives of many more.

“It really can be pretty life-changing for people with these problems and it’s a lot of fun participating and helping with that,” Pratt said.

Pratt said this procedure is also used on people who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease.