Study:Texans are slacking when it comes to getting HPV vaccines

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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) According to a new study released by the University of Texas System Office of Health Affairs, Texas was ranked 47th on the 2016 list of states that are getting the HPV vaccine.

Human Papillomavirus, HPV, is an infection known to be passed through skin to skin contact.

It's transmitted mainly through sexual contact, but studies show that it can be passed along in other ways like from a mother to her child during birth.

It's also linked to some different forms of cancer.

Anna Dick is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at the Scott and White Clinic in Killeen.

"Twenty-one or more million people in the united states are infected with HPV a year,' Dick said.

"The last study that they did showed about 12,000 people in the United States alone had some form of serious consequence from HPV. About 4,000 of those people actually died."

Dick says some people are unaware that getting your child or yourself vaccinated can help protect you from it in the future.

She recommends that parents get their child vaccinated during the ages of nine through 12.

Dick says people can be exposed to serious side effects as early as their teenage years and there is a chance it can develop early.

"The sooner that you can vaccinate and get your children protected the less likely they are to have serious consequences."

For more information on the HPV vaccine and how it can help you call your doctor or ask about it at your next visit.