News 10 reporter bugged by big bug

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MARLIN, Texas (KWTX) “News 10 This Morning” reporter Rhyan Henson had a funny moment caught on camera Wednesday morning that the internet is enjoying at his expense and it’s not the first time.

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The reporter from St. Louis is known for funny moments on the air.

Wednesday morning Henson was reporting live from in front of the Marlin Independent School District building at the start of the 5 a.m. newscast when an unidentified flying object that he claims was a pterodactyl attacked.

Morning anchor team Taina Maya and Pete Sousa who had to take several moments to get themselves together on camera claim it was only a cricket.

“I was definitely assaulted by a large insect out in Marlin,” Henson said.

“Those claiming it was anything less than at least a bat are just liars. I can’t think of another term. Maybe falsifying the truth.”

It wasn’t the first time Henson has become a viral sensation.

On another occasion a bug flew into Henson’s mouth during a live report, and he was forced stopped to spit it out.

He apologized to the audience.

“Excuse me. I just had a bug come into my mouth.”

Henson left the anchors in stitches when he asked a female MMA fighter to try out her kick on him, in which she accepted the challenge and sent Henson flying into the side of the ring.

During a live shot from the haunted house in Elm Mott around Halloween he was spooked when a man with a chainsaw came up behind him.

Henson is quick to defend all his funny moments.

“What you couldn’t see with the chainsaw at Halloween coming after me is there was real wind behind it.”

“What you couldn’t see in commercial break was I took it like a man,” Henson laughed.

“It’s always something,” Maya quipped back.