Waco: Nonprofit helps mothers in need

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) A nonprofit organization, Jesus Said Love, has expanded its efforts during the coronavirus pandemic. They've launched a new initiative to specifically help mothers living in poverty.

When COVID-19 forced businesses to shut their doors, Emily Mills, JSL Founder and CEO knew they needed to find a way to reach women in poverty.

"We knew that a lot of the women we already reach were being impacted. Their daycares were being shut down. It was a crisis," said Emily.

JSL received a truck full of diapers and wipes to give to moms in need. They were struggling to find a place to donate these items: that's where Mimi came in.

Mimi has been connected with Jesus Said Love for several years and wanted to find a way to help her neighbors.

"This is how I could make a change. This is how I could give back," said Mimi Normart.

She became a leader of a new project "Love Thy Mama" and passed out these diapers and wipes to her neighbors, but she wants it to be much more than that.

"I don't want it to just be giving diapers and wipes. I want a relationship with these women," added Mimi.

Mimi's been gathering with other moms for workout classes in the park.She and JSL hope this new community of moms continue to grow even stronger.

"We believe in empowering women. We do not believe women in poverty are to be pitied, we think they are to be empowered," said Emily Mills.

Mimi has the full support of JSL, and thanks to donors, they've been able to make her an employee.