Fort Hood: Nonprofit helps military women transition to civilian life

(Photo by Kathleen Serie)
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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Abut 25,000 women transition out of the military each year.

For many, it can be a difficult time, but one nonprofit is trying to make it easier for some Fort Hood soldiers.

Operation Reinvent was started two and a half years ago.

The organization aims to help military women transition into the civilian world, by giving them the resources to find jobs that match their skills and personalities.

“We want to give her a sense of her own value, of the opportunities available for her as a woman, and the ability to have the confidence to compete successfully in the civilian workplace,” Operation Reinvent Co founder Nancy Northrop said.

Northrop said the organization also teams up with companies to help women find careers.

The first of the two day workshop focuses on job searches and interviews, and the second provides professional wardrobe and makeup advice.

About 40 women from Fort Hood attended the workshop Wednesday.

Sergeant First Class Nancy Roots has been in the military for 24 years.
She said she is planning her exit from the service for next August or September.

"Military is all I know, so it's a scary feeling because now that I'm a lot older, I don't know how the civilian sector's going to take me,” Sergeant Roots said.

Sergeant Roots said the Operation Reinvent workshop has been helpful.

“I’m learning a lot from this workshop,” Sergeant Roots said. “It’s letting me find that unknown that I’m scared of.”

The workshop continues Thursday.

About 16,000 soldiers transition out of service at Fort Hood each year, and 15% of them are women.