Killeen: N.C. National Guard troops volunteer on Thanksgiving

Published: Nov. 23, 2017 at 3:45 PM CST
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National Guard soldiers have taken some time out to help feed people in need during this thanksgiving holiday, but they're not from Texas.

Soldiers from the 449th Theater Combat Aviation Brigade from North Carolina volunteered to help feed the less fortunate in Killeen.

The soldiers are at Fort Hood getting ready for a deployment to the Middle East and are away from their families.

CPT Katie Duffy with the 449th Combat Aviation Brigade with the North Carolina National Guard says they decided to get together with the Jesus Hope and Love Mission to serve meals and get the feeling of being with family.

“It makes me feel like this is my Army family right so if I'm not with my family and feel like these folks are the people that I'm going to go overseas with and their family to me and so it gives me the opportunity to serve with them and kind of have Fellowship for the holidays and that's an awesome feeling,” said Duffy.

Captain Duffy also said it was an awesome experience that made her feel close to home even though she's far away.