Oglesby: 51st annual Rattlesnake Round-Up

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OGLESBY, Texas (KWTX) Every year in the last weekend of February the small town of Oglesby becomes a hot-spot destination for those wishing to see the Rattlesnake Round-Up.

Photo by Drake Lawson

"It's really amazing that we have sustained it for 51 years," says Oglesby Lions Club President Liz Caraway.

"We are a town of 400 people and over the course of the weekend we have more than 3,000 people come in," says Caraway.

The tradition of the annual rattlesnake hunt began in 1969 and was more of a traditional hunt.

"Back then people would bring in there snakes as a way to control the population and then you could go out on hunts with professionals," says Caraway.

Through the years the hunt transformed into more of a show, entertaining guests of all ages.

"All the western diamondbacks that you see inside the pit here have not been altered in anyway," says experienced snake handler Jackie Bibby.

Bibby along with a few others, not only do tricks with the venomous animals, but also teach the audience about the dangers they possess.

"We do tell people what to do if they encounter a rattlesnake," says Bibby who has been bit by a rattlesnake 12 times.

"I lost my leg as a result to a rattle snake bite 7 years ago, one of my hands and arm is kind of mangled, and my thumb is damaged," he said.

Lions Club organizers say that all of the proceeds made from the event go towards the community.