One man, nine big burritos, and a 23-year-old record falls

Ty Horn broke a 23-year-old record. (Courtesy photo)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) A 28-year-old contractor with a big appetite has broken a 23-year-old record at a popular local Mexican restaurant after downing nine big burritos and he did it without any planning or preparation at all.

Ty Horn dropped in for lunch a few weeks ago at Leal’s Mexican Restaurant and decided to try to beat a record set back in 1996 commemorated by a plate on the restaurant’s wall.

In 1996 Zeb Herring, a recent Midway High School graduate who was attending Dallas Baptist University, stopped by the restaurant and asked the owner, Cesar Leal, if he’d be willing to allow him and some buddies to hold an eating competition.

“We asked him if we gave him ten bucks would he agree,” Hering said.

The owner said yes and Herring and his friends went to town, but Zeb took home the crown, downing eight large burritos in one sitting.

The feat was recorded in a handwritten tribute on the plate that hangs on the wall, which reads: “Zeb Herring holds the Leal’s Record for Eating the Most in One Sitting. 8 Large…Burritos. Spring 1996.”

Ty Horn was familiar with the plate and the record.

He’s been eating at Leal’s since he was a youngster.

“I have always seen Zeb’s plate on the wall saying he had eight large burritos and I was very hungry that day and decided ‘today was the day.’”

So without even anyone to keep him company, Ty ordered nine meat-, cheese- and potato-filled burritos and began to eat.

“It was awesome, amazing at first,” Ty laughed.

“The first five were great and then it got kind of gross because I was so full.”

“I bet they have half a pound of meat on them. They’re not little. One of them is a meal.”

Ty said the owner plans to put up a new plate marking the new record but will likely keep Zeb’s on the wall, too.

After all, it’s been there for nearly a quarter of a century.

“I passed the torch gracefully, I’m okay with it,” Zeb laughed.

As for Ty, he suggest the owners might want to record his record with an erasable marker.

“Will I break that record?” he said.

“Maybe, that’s to be continued…,” he said, laughing.