Oscar-winner turns some heads on road trip through Central Texas

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(KWTX) Oscar winner and Texas native Matthew McConaughey made an appearance Friday evening at Longview High School, his alma mater, where he offered graduates some words of encouragement at the school’s commencement and also picked up his diploma more than 30 years after his own graduation.

Matthew McConaughey with Dawson store cashier Kellie Hunter. (Courtesy photo)

A school spokesman said McConaughey was given a placeholder during the ceremony in 1988, but never picked up his actual diploma.

The first encounter happened Friday afternoon after D'Lancye Coleman and her children left a spray park and stopped at Sno-Biz in Corsicana for a cold treat.

“As we pull up at Sno-Biz off 7th Avene, I saw some people in line, but then I immediately saw Matthew McConaughey,” Coleman said.

“My mouth dropped!”

Coleman said McConaughey was ordering snow-cones for his own children.

She nervously jumped out of her car, said hello to the actor, who spoke to her before getting back into his vehicle.

The only problem was she was blocking the actor’s vehicle, preventing McConaughey from exiting the small parking lot.

Another customer snapped a picture as the actor knocked on Coleman’s window to ask her to move so he could leave.

“The man knocks on my car window and politely asked me to move my car up so that he could back out,” Coleman said.

“I'm basically, never going to wash that window. It is seriously the coolest thing to ever happen to me aside from childbirth,” she said.

The experience was much the same Saturday afternoon for cashier Kellie Hunter, 23, who has only been on the job a few months at the Tiger Tote in Dawson.

She spotted McConaughey in the parking lot of the store in the town of about 800 residents between Waco and Corsicana.

“When I was looking outside I saw a sight of him and I was like ‘hold up that’s Matthew McConaughey,’” she said.

Hunter said she didn’t believe her eyes, but she did believe her ears when he spoke to her.

“When he said something I knew that’s definitely him,” Hunter said.

“He sounds just like he does in the movies.”

Hunter snapped a photo with the star which has since been shared more than 500 times.

She said she was too nervous to do much more than thank him for the photo, but she says it’s a day she’ll never forget.

“I’m a huge fan. I just stood there,” she said.

“(I) didn’t know what to do.”

“I’m still just wondering if it was real.”