Parents of local woman found dead question report's suicide ruling

HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas (KWTX) Two Central Texas parents say they question an initial autopsy report which ruled their daughter’s death as a suicide.

Parents say they question an initial autopsy report which ruled their daughter’s death as a suicide.

For Arthur and Laurie Hardin, these past weeks have been a horrific journey. Their 29-year-old daughter and mother of four, Angelica Hardin, was found dead at her Harker Heights home by Arthur and Laurie in November.

“Lost…looking for…wishing. I would hate for anybody to have to go through this,” said Arthur Hardin.

Harker Heights police confirm the case is still under investigation and say “evidence received is indicating suicide; however, with the case still open, this indication is not conclusive.”

The parents don’t believe the preliminary report of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. They believe she was murdered.

“We know what we saw…her body was tucked in. A blanket was tucked in. She did not commit suicide,” Arthur Hardin said.

The parents say Angelica’s keys went missing a week earlier and a deadbolt lock was not on her back door the day she was found.

A gun was also found.

The initial report says she shot herself in the clavicle, the parents said.

“As you read the autopsy report, it was at an angle. Which means you would have to take a lot of effort to go from here and all the way through. For someone who want to harm themselves. First and foremost, you would think they would take an easier route,” said Laurie Hardin.

They don’t believe she had any reason to kill herself.

“She kept a smile on her face no matter what she was going through. She was always there to be a listening ear or to help someone else,” added Laurie Hardin.

A sign pleading for information hangs in their front yard and on the side of their vehicles, hoping someone in the community calls.

“My effort is for the community to come together…find out, tell…say something. Somebody knows something,” said Arthur Hardin.