Groesbeck: Offer of free child safety kits may be a scam

Published: Feb. 27, 2018 at 10:38 AM CST
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The Groesbeck Police Department Tuesday warned residents in a Facebook post that an offer of free child safety kits sponsored by the department may be a scam.

“The Groesbeck Police Department has not endorsed or sponsored any such item or event,” police said in the post.

Police said they received a report from a resident who received a call from a woman who was offering the free kit.

The resident was told that the police department sponsored the safety kit and that it’s available free to all parents in Groesbeck, the post said.

The caller then tried to schedule a time to come by the resident’s home to help “set it up,” police said.

Authorities are asking anyone who receives a call about the kit to call Groesbeck police at (254) 729-3497.

“If someone arrives at your door claiming to be sponsored or endorsed by the police or fire department, you are asked to contact us immediately,” police said.

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