Police: Neighbor found 3 bodies outside Texas home

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DALLAS (AP) Authorities say a neighbor came across three bodies outside a home in East Texas and told her son to call police, who found two more people dead inside.

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Polk County sheriff's officials previously said a woman who was found safe and locked inside a bedroom closet was the first to alert authorities.

Sheriff's Capt. Rickie Childers clarified Tuesday that the woman was found in the bedroom but was not involved in contacting police.

Authorities said Monday that Carlos and Lynda Delaney were shot to death at their Blanchard home along with their granddaughter, Ashley Delaney, her husband, Randy Horn, and a 15-month-old child who was not identified.

Childers would not say whether any of the deaths are believed to be suicide, but confirmed police are not seeking a suspect and there's no risk to the public.

Montgomery County court records show Ashley Raileen Horn filed to divorce Randy Joe Horn in October 2018.

The case was dismissed less than a month later.