Proposed State Law would allow breweries to sell beer to-go

Published: Jun. 8, 2019 at 7:29 PM CDT
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Local craft beer is becoming more popular in the Central Texas area, but it's the difference in the type of brewery that prevents you from being able to take that cold beverage home.

A new bill that's made it's way to the Governor's desk would change that.

"If someone comes to town drinks our beer and wants to take it home, we can't legally sell them it," says Brotherwell Brewing Owner David Stoneking.

Brotherwell Brewing is licensed as a manufacturing brewery which under current state law doesn't allow beer to be sold to-go.

However Bare Arms Brewing who's celebrating their 4th anniversary is considered a retail brewery.

Under that license they have been allowed to sell beer to-go.

"Our idea of a good time is just making fun beer," says Bare Arms Owner Andy Soukup.

"The growth will come naturally we just want to make beer that’s fun to drink."

Soukup and Stoneking agree that craft beer is on the rise in cities like Waco, and the new bill would be another move towards growth in the brewing industry.

The House Bill 1545 has been sent to the Governor's desk for approval, and if signed would go into place September 1st of this year.