RGIII fields tough Briles question from youngster

(Photo by Pete Sousa)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Former Heisman Winner and Baylor legend Robert Griffin III was in town over the weekend and got a tough question about Art Briles from an unlikely source.

Griffin hosted his first ever Quarterback Academy at Baylor and then headed over to D-1 Waco to visit with some special needs children from No Limitations.

It was supposed to be a laid back Q & A session with D-1 Owner Kevin Engelbrecht, followed by a little football with the kids and a meet and greet.

But things got interesting when a young girl from the Waco area raised her hand and hit Griffin with the hardest question of the night.

Faith Fortenberry is 8 and suffers from spinal muscular atrophy.

KWTX has chronicled her journey, which recently included her being named the national ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

When the microphone got to Faith, she asked Griffin, “How do you think Coach (Art) Briles will do at Mount Vernon?”

The question drew “oohh and aahhs” from the crowd, but got a smile and a quick response from Griffin.

The Ravens quarterback said, “I’m happy for coach, I took a little backlash a couple of weeks ago, when he got hired and I support coach, I support him through everything.”

“I know the character of the man and it’s a tough balancing act for me because Baylor is home and coach Briles is family. I feel like I should be able to support both and not feel ‘guilt tripped’ by it. So coach Briles is my guy."

Of course, controversy still surrounds Briles and his relationship with Baylor ever since his was let go by the school in the middle of a sexual assault scandal in May of 2016.

As for football, Griffin III noted, “I think he’s going to do phenomenal at Mount Vernon. I don’t know how fast they’re going to win a state championship but I think they’re going to win a couple. I look forward to him being back to where he should be.”

Griffin’s comments were met with applause and a smile from Faith.

No Limitations was established to improve the lives of those in Central Texas who live with developmental and/or physical challenges and their families.

D-1 holds several events throughout the year for No Limitations, including the No Limitations Super Bowl in January.