Rat-infested trash pile next to local man’s dream house removed

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LACY LAKEVIEW, Texas (KWTX) Robert Passmore of Lacy Lakeview no longer has to deal with huge snakes and rats coming out of his neighbor’s yard, because a giant pile of trash and debris on the neighbor’s back porch, has been removed.

The trash pile behind the home (left) has been removed (right). (Staff photos)

Passmore reached out to KWTX after months of back-and-forth with the city.

"Close to two months maybe we've talked to the city inspector, with the city manager and had people looking at it just so far nothing has been done,” he said.

City Manager Keith Bond said an inspector went out Monday and finally noticed the large stack of debris.

"I instructed my inspector to order the new owner to get a rolling bin out there in the next two days and get it cleaned up,” he said.

The homeowner acted quickly and by Wednesday afternoon the trash was gone.

The trash pile posed a health threat to Passmore, who has lost parts of his liver, had two kidneys removed, battled cancer four times and has a weak immune system,

"My health situation is that I am on anti-rejection drugs from kidney transplant and I can't have rats and snakes around my property, it's a health hazard,” he said.

Passmore built his dream home on Avenue B in Lacy Lakeview hoping for peace, after battling so many health issues,

"This is my final retirement home. I wanted to spend the rest my life in what I thought was a beautiful wonderful neighborhood."

The house next door has changed hands several times over the past several years and was sold last summer.

The new owner is now remodeling.