Belton: Residents protest to keep Confederate statue

Photo by Tianna Jenkins
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BELTON, Texas (KWTX) A group of Bell County residents gathered Saturday afternoon at the Bell County Courthouse to conduct a peaceful protest against removing the Confederate statue.

The protest was in response to the Temple NAACP Chapter President and other residents wanting the statue to be relocated.

The group made signs and stood in front of the statue educating people that walked by about why it should stay.

The statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee was removed from Lee Park in Dallas on Thursday.

David Thornton is a Temple resident and was among those protesting today.

He says removing these statues is wrong.

"You can't just keep taking statues down. It's not going to change what's already happened," Thornton said.

"We need to preserve these statues so we can reach future generations of our country of how it was growing and maturing as time grew on. "

County commissioners have not yet decided what they will do.

Judge Jon Burrows said in a statement on Sept. 13 that the statue is dedicated to soldiers from the county who fought in the Civil War and is different from the other statues being removed in other cities in Texas.

He also said that an additional discussion could be held later on the issue.

Thornton says that the statue is a part of history and if it comes down to removing it they will continue to protest to keep it.