Restaurant Report Card for week of August 3

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(KWTX) Coronas de Oro on South 37th in Temple makes an 89 this week.

The inspector found rodent droppings on and around the margarita machine and in the bar area, which is a repeat violation.

They also had buildup on their soda spigots and mold in their cooler.

They will also have to repair the ceiling tiles in the kitchen where they have pieces of insulation hanging down.

The inspector ordered a follow-up for later this month.

Just up the street, El Puerto De Jalisco on West Adams made the same grade and rodents had found their way inside their bar too.

In the kitchen they were using cardboard as a table, but the problem is you can't clean or sanitize it.

Upon testing they discovered the dishwasher was using dangerously high levels of sanitizer which forced them to stop using it and wash all dishes by hand.

Denny's in Bellmead scores an 86.

An employee was making a smoothie, but didn't have on gloves so they had to throw it away.

Several foods were not covered inside the cooler and they did not have a certified food manager on duty.

The inspector also reminded them it’s a violation to leave their personal belongings on the bread rack.

This week's clean plate award goes to Red Lobster in Waco.

They say their employee’s dedication plays a huge part in making the restaurant a success.