Restaurant Report Card for week of December 14, 2017

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(KWTX) A complaint was made last month to the Bell County Health Department alleging IHOP employees in Temple tried to hide a mouse from customers.

They also noted seeing several mouse traps inside and around the building.

The inspector went to check things out four days later and the manger told him they in fact did catch a mouse and the traps were from the pest control company, which is not a violation.

BJ'S Brewhouse in Temple scored an 85.

Inspectors said mold and mildew was in their ice machine and that they need to clean their can opener blade.

They also found chemicals hanging from the sink and gnats in the bar area.

Common Grounds in Waco make an 85.

A dark residue was found in their ice machine, they found gnats behind the bar and near the sinks.

They also had tea and other items stored on the floor of their outdoor storage area.

They cleaned things up and scored a 98 on their re-inspection.

This week's Clean Plate award goes to Rosa's Cafe in Waco.

They are pretty popular for their Taco Tuesday deal and enchiladas are always a crowd favorite.