Restaurant Report Card for week of December 21

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(KWTX) We first told you about the Catfish Hut in Mart back in May.

Rodents were a big problem and they still are.

The health department has been there 4 times since Nov. 13.

Since then, they've scored 87, 90, 91 and 69.

The restaurant was shut down and had its permit suspended.

Rodent feces was found in and on containers in the closet, behind the fridge, on the ground and in the bathrooms.

At last check they were still making the repairs needed to reopen.

Someone called to complain about The New Orient restaurant in Harker Heights and the health department went to check things out.

They found holes in the restroom where rodents are entering the restaurant and traps were out, but they didn't find any live activity.

They noted that the building is old but maintained fairly well.

No violations were found.

The Bell county health department went to check on the CVS in Killeen.

You'll recall they had several small mice running around.

We were told that progress has been made.