Restaurant Report Card for week of December 7

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(KWTX) There was evidence of rats in the storage building behind Taqueria La Perla in Belton.

A 50 pound bag of corn flour was chewed through and thrown away.

In the kitchen they had a fly strip hanging above the tortilla machine.

They made an 89 on their inspection and four of the six employees don't have health cards.

That wasn't the only place with a rodent problem.

The CVS in Killeen scored a 96. Inspectors say it’s infested with small mice.

They were getting into boxes of food on the shelves and in the storage room.

The employees had to clean the feces and urine off of products and containers.

The store has a pest control company with traps inside and out.

They noted that any item that the mice got in to has to be taken off the shelves.

No follow-up was required from the health department.

This week's clean plate award goes to potbelly sandwich shop on East Central Texas Expressway in Killeen.