Restaurant Report Card for week of February 18

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In November, Tres Magueyes on North 29th street in Temple scored an 88 on their inspection.

Their most recent inspection shows they're still storing food in H-E-B bags and they don't have a handle on their gnat problem.

They were also forced to throw away 30 pounds of tortillas, leaving them with the score of 84.

Nuevo Jalisco Taqueria and Grill in Troy got an 86 last month.

Two briskets were thawing at room temperature instead of in the cooler and employees only have one hand sink they can use easily.

There was also a complaint on file at the health district, a customer found a hair in their shrimp.

When the inspector went to check things out employees had their hair pulled back or covered with a cap.

Bronc's Restaurant on North Valley Mills in Waco had the lowest score of the week with a 58.
Labels in the fridge were dated all wrong, once opened food has to be used in 7 days, the inspector found a label from 2015.

Several items including queso, hamburger meat, salad, cherry cobbler, gravy, chopped barbecue and many others were thrown away because of improper labeling.

They were also told to get a plumber to fix two hand sinks, but as of Feb, 11, they still were not fixed.

They were issued two citations this week for not having a certified food manager on duty at all times and not making repairs in regular time.

The restaurant did not open for business on Wednesday or Thursday.

This weeks Clean Plate award goes to Captain Billy Whizzbangs on Lake Air Drive in Waco.