Restaurant Report Card For Week Of July 13

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Central Texas, Texas (KWTX) The Little Czech Bakery connected to the Czech Stop in West scored an 84 and several of their violations are repeats.

Including points off for rodents or insects; this time around they found a roach in the bakery and flies near the deli.

They had to be reminded to clean the dishwasher daily and to stop stacking trays on the hand sink.

They had to pay a 75 re-inspection fee and we'll keep you updated on their progress.

Jim's Krispy Fried Chicken in Bellmead was shut down last month with a score of 70.

Sewer flies greeted the inspector in the kitchen, once inside he found fish being thawed in hot water...which is a huge violation.

On top of the fish they had to throw away everything in their walk-in cooler.

They had clean dishes stacked with dirty dishes on wet and greasy cardboard shelves.

After they fix the walk-in cooler they will need to deep clean all of the cooking equipment.

They paid the 75 re-inspection fee and were allowed to reopen the next day with a score of 96.

This week's Clean Plate winner is Cowboys Bar-B-Q in Salado.