Restaurant Report Card for week of July 27

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CENTRAL TEXAS, Texas (KWTX) Rosati's in Hewitt had to toss out pizza toppings and other food from both of their prep coolers because they weren't working properly.

They also didn't have a thermometer in 2 of their coolers at the bar, which had cut fruit and milk inside.

The next day the restaurant had all of their units repaired and sent proof of that to the health inspector.

Church's Fried Chicken on east Stan Schuelter Loop in Killeen makes a 93.

They lost points for not labeling foods, which is a repeat violation from their last inspection in April.

That's not the only repeat; they still haven't replaced rusty wire shelves that are beyond cleaning according to the inspector.

The walk-in cooler needs a little elbow grease to take care of the dirt and mold.

The kitchen at Seton Medical Center on West Central Texas Expressway in Killeen barely makes an A.

They were using ice to cool the food inside a prep cooler because it was out of order so they lost points for inadequate equipment and must either repair or replace the unit.

The can opener blade wasn't clean or sanitized and 9 out of 15 employees do not have their food worker certification.

The employees were given until Aug. 1 to take the course and pass.

We'll let you know if everything was corrected next week.

This week's clean plate winner is Chick-Fil-A on North 31st Street in Temple.

The inspector dropped in during lunch hour and despite the rush they got a perfect score.