Restaurant Report Card for week of June 1

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(KWTX) When the health inspector went into the kitchen of Texas Roadhouse in Waco he was greeted by flies.In the cooler several containers didn't have a lid and one was on top of the other with the bottom of the container actually touching the food.

A shaker had holes punched through it which is a health hazard.

They scored a 79 and will be having a follow-up soon.

Inside the Holiday Inn in Bellmead you'll find Kem's restaurant.

The heath department revoked their permit and they failed with a 64.

Several violations were repeated from their previous inspection such as leaving the bar soda gun in sanitizer overnight.

Several items in the cooler, including a cheese tray were undated.

When the inspector found a dated container with cooked penne pasta, it was a month old.

Beetles were seen crawling in the dinning area and other insects had made their way inside too.

Then there was this note, "there is not a clean, sanitary surface in the kitchen."

Several days later they were allowed to reopen with a score on 98.

In Temple the Golden Corral on South General Bruce drive scores a 92.

Mold was growing on the walls on the dish wash room, which is a repeat violations.

They also need to replace the moldy caulking around the hand sink in that room.

They also lost points because 18 out of 28 employees did not have a health certification card.

This week's Clean Plate goes to Richard Rawlings Garage in Harker Heights.

Rawlings also owns the Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas.

Next time you stop by try a hand crafted burger or a fully loaded sandwich.