Restaurant Report Card for week of June 22

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(KWTX) Mexicano Grill in Waco was forced to close their doors after failing with a 62.

The problem was a fly infestation.

They were everywhere including in a case of peppers.

They had open pans of food in the fridge and grease dripping from the vent.

They were closed for 13 days until they fixed the problems, that day they scored a 95.

Luvida Memory Care in Belton had to toss out 6 pounds of marinara sauce because the cans were damaged.

Pots and pans were charred to the point of contamination and there was food buildup on the floors and baseboards.

The inspector said there was a lack of attention.

The senior citizens home scored a 94.

We followed up on Yank Sing in Temple.

Last time they had uncovered food in the fridge and mold in the ice machine.

The mold was still there during their the inspector still found mold in the ice machine

This week's Clean Plate award goes to Moroso Wood Fire Pizzeria on Bosque in Waco.

They make Neapolitan pizza in their brick oven and on the weekends you can join them for brunch.