Restaurant Report Card for week of March 8

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(KWTX) Last month Buzzard Billy's in Waco was inspected and scored an 85.

Multiple foods were uncovered in the bar area.

Condensation from the AC was dripping onto food. Multiple cleaners were not labeled and the bathrooms were dirty.

A week later they scored a 94; they had a bottle of cleaner without a label and some containers were still not labeled.

Employees were busy cleaning after the inspector left Pizza Hut in Bellmead.

They scored an 82 and eight of their violations were repeats.

The majority of their violations were nonfood consumption violations.

They did find old rotten food in the floor drain which needed to be cleaned out.

They were re-inspected 3 days later and corrected all of the problems.

The Long John Silvers in Temple is still under the microscope with the Bell county health department.

Last month they made an 89.

The majority of their violations required them to call in professionals for repairs.

For example, there was a hole in the wall, no ceiling tiles above the sink, the walk in freezer floor was rusted.

They also had leaky pipes.

Inspectors came back 25 days later and the repairs were still not completed.

They gave the restaurant until the end of March to finish everything or they would take further action.

In the meantime it will remain open.

The Clean Plate Award goes to Outback steakhouse in Killeen off of Central Texas Expressway.

Next time you go there, share a Bloomin’ Onion with your friends.