Restaurant Report Card for week of June 29

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(KWTX) Fuego Tortilla Gill in downtown Waco scored a 79.

They had fly strips hanging directly over the chip container, and multiple flies were still in the kitchen.

They had a can of paint next to cups, and multiple containers without labels.

A few days later they had a re-inspection but the chemical bottles were still not labeled. They scored a 92.

The inspector returned for a third time and they scored a 97.

El Chico Mexican Restaurant on South Valley Mills in Waco makes an 83.

Several containers with chicken, meat, beans and salsa were in the fridge without a date.

A spider web was found in the back area by the ice machine, and two of the coolers had standing water.

They were re-inspected a few days later and made a 97.

Pure Fit Foods in Killeen is a place where people can buy pre-made portioned meals out of a freezer.

When the inspector showed up, the walk-in freezer and refrigerator were not working properly, which means all of the bacon and shrimp other products inside were thawed out when they should be frozen solid.

They are required to get them fixed or buy new ones and the reach in cooler needs to be cleaned from the inside out.

They scored a 92.

The week's Clean Plate winner is Ratibor Country Grill on FM 2086 in Temple.

They got a perfect inspection and customers say their burgers and onion rings will keep you coming back.