Restaurant Report Card for week of November 2, 2017

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(KWTX) Coronas de Oro on South 37th Street in Temple was shut down by the health department after they found sewage being illegally dumped outside.

The inspector said the restaurant purposely unscrewed the clean out caps outside to prevent the dirty water from going in the restaurant.

The public health hazard could have been prevented had they routinely serviced their grease trap.

On top of that the hot water heater wasn't working.

They were able to get both issues fixed and reopened the next day.

Montes Mexican restaurant in West is showing signs of improvement.

Last May they made a 66 then in April a 60 and now an 83.

Both the green and red salsa in the cooler were old, and had to be thrown out.

A bucket of peeled potatoes was on the floor and the sink in the kitchen wasn't draining properly.

A week later they got a 99.

Jakes Chinese Buffet on East 6th Ave in Belton made an 88.

They were storing food in grocery bags in the walk-in freezer and seven out of nine employees still needed their health certification cards.

They were also told to clean the plastic flap in their ice machine to prevent slime buildup.

This week's Clean Plate award goes to Xristos Cafe. You can catch them on University Parks Drive in Waco on Food Truck Row.