Restaurant Report Card for week of November 29

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(KWTX) The lowest score of the week is from Bella Luna Italian Bistro with a 77.

It’s located where the old Chili's used to be on Bosque Boulevard in Waco.

In the cooler inspectors found a bloody steak on the shelf above ready to eat foods and raw chicken on the shelf above lemons.

There were also spider webs and dust at the bottom of the shelf holding the clean dishes and mold in the soda fountain nozzles.

Cooks were seen using the top of a rusted can on the stove to warm up food but immediately stopped when told it was out of code.

Two days later when inspectors returned they got a 98.

Viewers asked us to look into the Great American Cookie Company at the Killeen Mall.

A complaint alleged the establishment had roaches and expired seasoning was being used.

Several pictures were sent to the health department for inspectors.

They showed a roach on a raw cookie cake and another one on the edge of the sink.

When inspectors went to check things out they said there was no evidence of roaches at the establishment.

On the allegation of expired pretzel seasonings being used from 2017, the health department said it’s more of a quality issue not a food safety issue.

The owner elected to throw all 3 bags out to be on the safe side.

Since this was a complaint, there was no formal inspection.

This week's Clean Plate award goes to Pie Peddlers in Waco.

If you have a complaint about a restaurant in Central Texas call the corresponding health department to report it:

McLennan County (254) 750-5450

Bell County (254) 771-2106