Restaurant Report Card for week of October 11

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(KWTX) The Domino’s Pizza in Harker Heights made an 88 on their most recent inspection.

Five pounds of chicken, a pound and a half of cheese and a pound of sliced beef were thrown away because they were temping warm.

The manager discovered the unit was unplugged and nothing was safe to eat inside of it.

Almost half of their employees did not have food certification cards.

They will have a follow up this week

Cici's Pizza in Waco is the lowest score of the week with a 77.

The salad bar was the main issue because it wasn't keeping anything cold, forcing the restaurant to throw out salad mix, olives, tomatoes and beets.

The floor was visibly dirty and one employee went from being on their phone to making pizzas without washing their hands.

The restaurant had two re inspections and scored a 95, the salad bar was having problems at last check.

Pizza Pro in Mart didn't have as many food issues as they did equipment problems.

For example, the pizza oven was having problems ventilating, so the owner wrapped a tarp around it and then put fans underneath to help the airflow, but it actually could cause contamination problems not to mention the fire hazard.

The inspector also noticed a lot of duct tape being used, like on the ice machine and the side of the cooler.

They were re-inspected in 24 hours and had corrected all of the major issues.

This week's Clean Plate award goes to Fat Boy Pizza truck.

They are known for their crazy toppings like their legendary Baked Potato Pizza. Follow them on Facebook to see where they are setting up next.