Restaurant Report Card for week of October 12, 2017

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(KWTX) The Dairy Queen along I-35 in Lacy Lakeview was trying to renew their permit when inspectors found several violations landing them a 75.

The open tip of a whipped cream bag was resting on a dead bug in melted cream.

all dead insects were in lids cups and window ledges.

An employee was caught trying to use toppings that the inspector had already told them to throw away for a temperature violation.

Needless to say they were eventually tossed out.

They cleaned everything up and got their renewal permit a few days later.

The lowest score of the week is from Dickey's Pit BBQ in Lacy Lakeview.

They made a 70.

They had to throw away their sweet and spicy sauce after the inspector discovered it was past its shelf life and not being kept in the fridge.

Serving utensils were resting on unsanitary surfaces and a leaky pipe was wrapped with duct tape. There were able to fix everything in 8 days.

The mold needs to be cleaned out of the margarita machine at the Chili's in Temple.

They made an 87, losing points for things like old cutting boards and some employees not having their health certification.

This week's clean plate award goes to Casa De Castillo in Waco.

The family-owned restaurant on Sanger has been cooking up Tex-Mex favorites for over 80 years and invites you to try one of their daily specials.