Restaurant Report Card for week of September 21

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(KWTX) The Dairy Queen on North19th Street in Waco was closed for a few days last month due to several roof leaks.

In the kitchen water was dripping on the hot hold prep table and the inspector forced them to throw away any and all exposed foods.

It was also splashing on clean gloves.

They made a 79 after the ice scoop was laying out on the soda fountain and utensils were sitting in sanitizer.

The restaurant made all of the repairs and corrections and was allowed to open a few days later.

Frozen fish was left out to thaw at Hierba Fresca on 2nd Street Killeen.

They didn't follow protocol and the cook had to be informed about proper thawing methods.

They also were told to clean the dirty refrigerators for a second time.

They made a 98.

This week's KWTX Clean Plate award goes to Mod Pizza on South 31st Street in Temple.

Their artisan pies are like works of edible art.