Restaurant Report Card for week of September 28

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(KWTX) Baylor's Beauchamp Athletic Nutrition Center, better known as the BANC, is a cafeteria for athletes on campus.

It made an 88.

They had several violations including burgers in the cooler marked with a year expiration date instead of seven days and vegetables that expired four days before they were inspected.

Spices and other ingredients weren't labeled and soap was being stored above the muffin tin.

On top of that they had several hand sinks blocked in the kitchen.

They were re-inspected a week later and still had several expired items in multiple areas, but scored a 95.

Last year around this time the West Station Roadhouse failed with a 61.

This year they got a 62, and they were ordered to shut their doors.

They had a total of 14 repeat violations which included undated and old food in the cooler, flies in the kitchen and operating without a valid permit.

The inspector even wrote, "No one was managing this place."

They were allowed to reopen the next day after making repairs.

Another repeat offender is the Asian Buffet on East Central Texas Expressway in Killeen.

They made a 91.

They were still using cardboard to line their shelves after the inspector told them to stop.

The hot water leak hasn't been repaired which could jeopardize their ability to have hot way.

This week's clean plate award goes to the Egg & I in Waco.