Restaurant Report Card for Sept. 12, 2019

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(KWTX) Jack in the Box at 3608 Southwest H K Dodgen Loop in Temple was given a week to clear up a number of repeat violations.

In its most recent inspection, the health worker cited overhead surfaces needed to be cleaned.

Food was exposed, the microwave was "filthy,” and mold was spotted in the business.

The restaurant got a 90 and a follow up inspection was scheduled.

The Subway at 3 North 29th St. in Temple scored a 90 on its most recent food inspection.

A permit application was not issued in this case.

This restaurant was missing ceiling tiles.

According to the report, mold and mildew was found on the ice chute, ice machine, and soda spigots.

These were also repeat violations.

A follow-up inspection had to be scheduled.

Papa John's Pizza at 820 South 7th St. in Waco scored a 95 on its most recent inspection.

According to the report, the restaurant was missing sanitizer test strips, which insure food safety.

The knives were also supposed to be stored on a clean surface.

This week's Clean Plate Award goes to Sergio's Mexican Seafood Restaurant.

If you've taken a stroll or drive down Austin Avenue in Waco, chances are, you have seen this food truck.

Known for its Mexican seafood dishes, Sergio's has become a popular spot for downtowners.

If you're feeling fancy, have some "Arroz A La Tumbada," which has shrimp, octopus, crab, oyster, mussels and other seafood on a bed of rice and veggies.

Or, you could always grab a quick "Famous Taco Al Pastor."