Restaurant Report Card for week of August 15

As Central Texas restaurants strive for perfection, a few fell short as reflected in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

Fuzzy's Taco at 215 South University Parks Drive in Waco got a 96 on its most recent health department inspection.

The popular restaurant had four violations.

Among them, no paper towels and no trash can in the back kitchen sink. Health inspectors say this is crucial so workers can wipe their hands. Also, the ice scoops needed to be kept on a clean surface.

Nami 3 Hibachi and Sushi at 722 South Fort Hood Street in Killeen had more serious issues that resulted in its permit being withheld.

The walk-in cooler walls and metal racks had to be cleaned because of mold, dirt, and food particles, its report card states.

The inspector reported seeing a container of shrimp on top of a container of chicken without a lid, a tub of chicken improperly stored and a tub of scallops on the floor.

The restaurant had to be reinspected. Ultimately, the restaurant scored a 96

The Olive Garden in Temple had some issues as well. According to the latest inspection report, soda spigots had build-up on them and other places in the kitchen needed to be cleaned.

The kicker, according to the report, was a "German roach siting." If you've ever dealt with those stubborn critters they are hard to get rid of.

The remedy suggested involved routine pest control. In the end, the restaurant scored a 94.

The Olive Branch in the River Square Center at 215 South 2nd Street in Waco gets this week's Clean Plate Award.

For more than a decade, this popular brunch spot has been pleasing Central Texas taste buds.

Check them out, especially, Friday- Sunday for its gourmet brunch specials and mimosas.