Restaurant Report Card for week of February 22, 2018

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(KWTX) The Cici's Pizza in Bellmead had 22 repeat violations one of which was for roaches crawling up the wall of the pizza prep table.

They failed with a 64.

An insect strip was lying on pizza pans.

The racks in the walk-in cooler were growing mold.

And the ice machine was leaking on the floor.

Used aprons were tossed on top of dressings and peppers and they had no sanitizer in the dishwasher.

The inspector even stopped keeping track of all the violations and told them he'd be back.

They went to work and two days later they were re-inspected and scored a 98.

The employee restroom at Butler BBQ in Killeen was out of soap, but that was quickly fixed.

The inspector also noted they had excessive oil residue that needs to be cleaned out of the vents.

They also lost points for not having a thermometer in their reach in and low boy cooler.

Their final score is a 94.

Inspectors went to the McDonald’s inside the Walmart on 31st Street in Temple.

There were no major food violations, but they found mildew on the ice machine flap and said they need to clean the ice cream and Frappuccino machine.

The restaurant scored a 96.

This week's Clean Plate Award goes to Longhorn Steakhouse in Waco.

They pride themselves on having prime cuts of meat and making sure you leave with a full stomach.