Rhett Revolution to inspire students to #Bekind #BeBrave

Published: Nov. 13, 2017 at 10:52 PM CST
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The Rhett Revolution was preparing for a program Monday that tens of thousands of Central Texas student will participate in this week.

The movement is named after Rhett Hering, whose life was cut short in 2015 at age 15 when he was killed in an ATV accident in McGregor.

But his legacy of showing love lives on through the Rhett Revolution.

His mother, Lorna Hering said, “You know Rhett was a different kid. He was always happy. He was always spreading love and I knew that Rhett's life was going to be big."

#BeKind #BeBrave was invented and it’s a message those who knew Rhett said he would have wanted.

Through a special program created in partnership with KWTX, the Rhett Revolution nonprofit, SpaceX, Brazos Media Tech, and school districts in Bell, Mclennan, and Falls counties, an estimated 20,000 middle school student will be a part of a movement that teaches them to be considerate of others.

They'll be inspired by speakers and hear a young man's powerful story of bravery and kindness,

"When a child is taken tragically from you, you want-- it's your hope and desire that something good would come off that. It wouldn't just be a death and just deal with it," Rhett's father, Jimmy Hering, said.

With this project happening this week, supporters said they expect something good will happen when a community comes together the way Rhett would have wanted.