Rings recovered after local homeowners conned by burglars

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) A Waco woman and her husband who say they were conned by a thieving couple, now have thousands of dollars of family heirlooms back in their possession.

(Photo by Rissa Shaw)

Pat Talley said if it weren’t for police and the news taking her story public, her diamond rings would never have been recovered.

"I'm so thankful for KWTX and Waco PD and the work that they did to try to get this couple behind bars where they belong,” said Talley.

Rio Calvin Mitchell, 27, of Waco, and Julie Tootsie Costa, 26, were arrested early last month in connection to multiple home burglaries.

Talley said she had $10,000 worth of jewelry stolen by a man and woman who took advantage of their kindness after her husband let a woman, who said she was pregnant, inside their home to use their bathroom.

She had several rings on the vanity and others inside a drawer, most which came from her mother who passed away three years ago.

Distraught when she discovered they were missing, Talley called police, but never thought she would see her precious rings again.

"She (the detective) poured them all out on the table from these little envelopes...I just started crying,” said Talley police came to her work to return her rings.

Talley said someone who saw her story air on KWTX who was in the process of being victimized called 911, then police came and arrested the suspects mid-crime.

"I just want everyone to know that you can't trust anybody these days, unfortunately,” said Talley. “That's sad to say, but that's the way the world is these days."

Police found local pawn shop receipts in the female suspect’s purse, leading them to her stolen jewels, said Talley.

"I feel very, very lucky,” she said.

Talley had wanted to pass the rings on to her daughter and granddaughter the way her mother did to her, and now she can, she said.

“It means the world, because my daughter...I can see her now following in my footsteps,” said Talley. “It makes you proud, and I'm glad that I have the rings now to hand down to her, in fact she jokingly told me the other day, 'mom you just need to go ahead and give me those rings!’”

She’s now in the process of getting a safe and documenting the rings she did get back to make sure they stay in, and on, the right hands.

Talley said her mother’s wedding ring and a bracelet she learned about much later, are still missing.

She said hers was a sad story with a happy ending, and she encourages other victims of crime to speak up if they want a similar conclusion.

"We're in a community together here, and we need to work together to try to keep our community as safe as we can,” said Talley.

Mitchell and Costa had bonded out of the McLennan County Jail, according to inmate records.

However, as a result of more victims coming forward, Sheriff Parnell McNamara said there were active warrants out for their arrest.