Rosebud: Drug seminar draws participants from around the state

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ROSEBUD, Texas (KWTX) A seminar on drug abuse and prevention Friday at Rosebud High School organized by a local lawyer and presented by a veteran law enforcement officer drew about 100 participants from around the state Friday.

(Photo by Drake Lawson)

“Everyone wants to learn about drugs they want to understand what it means,” says Jermaine Galloway, an Idaho law enforcement officer who presents his “High in Plain Sight” workshop to groups around the country.

“Some of our larger cities have drug issues and some of our smaller towns have drug issues. No one is exempt from it because drugs don’t discriminate,” Galloway said.

Rosebud lawyer Matthew Wright, who serves as a municipal judge in both Rosebud and Lott, organized the workshop focused on the changing drug culture.

“We have to have a new mindset,” Wright said,

“It’s a different age and a different time. Hopefully this training will help us get a sense of that.”