Waco: Safe shopping advice to avoid toy-related injuries

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) An estimated 240,000 children were taken to emergency departments in 2016 due to toy-related injuries during the holiday season in 2016 according to a Consumer Product Safety Commission report.

Photo: EJ Hersom / DoD / MGN

A majority of the injuries were cuts and bruises, but most of the injuries were in the head and face area.

An estimated 73 percent of these injuries happened to children younger than 15.

Non-motorized scooters were listed as the most dangerous toy in 2016 according to that last report.

Dr. Scott Oslund with Providence Health Center in Waco said he commonly treats children who were injured after falling off of a bike or scooter.

He emphasizes that parents make sure kids are wearing the proper safety equipment before kids start playing with these toys.

“It’s really important, not just this time of year but all times of the year that kids wear helmets, kneepads and elbow pads because a head versus something hard something hard always wins,“ he said.

He said kids who suffer concussion-like symptoms including loss of consciousness, dizziness, vomiting; should seek immediate medical attention.

Oslund said he's handled some cases that ended tragically.

“Unfortunately, I’ve actually seen a couple fatalities over the years from kids who have gotten into toys that were too small,” Oslund said.

Its important parents study the label and know the proper way kids should be playing with toys.

He said parents particularly need to be wary of small toys.

“One of the concerns of toys is called button batteries,” Oslund said.

“It is a little round battery. If those are ingested, that’s an absolute emergency sometimes those get stuck in the throat.”

He said kids should be playing with age appropriate gifts and parents should keep an eye on younger children playing with older ones.

Despite the concerns he said toy manufacturers are making toys safer each year.

With new gadgets being put on shelves every year, it’s important that your children are using the ones that require headphones at a safe volume.

When possible purchase non-toxic toys.

Poinsettias are popular plants during the holidays but can be dangerous for kids and pets.

“Poinsettias are poisonous not just to kids, humans but to animals as well,” Oslund said.

“Generally the symptoms are nausea but it’s very important to avoid eating the poinsettia leaves.”