Salado: Foster home center set to open is in need of supplies

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SALADO,Texas(KWTX) A two year project to house children taken out of abusive homes will soon open its doors.

In March, the nonprofit organization Garden of Hope was still working on converting an old church in Salado into a facility to house local children.

Donations and volunteers have made it possible for the center to open its doors for children by the end of August 2018.

“Inside it's absolutely looks gorgeous it looks like it's a home for children, it's fun and loving versus something that is rough around the edges. There's a playroom inside and beds that fit 20 children total,”Garden of Hope Director Serina Jones said.

They are in need of items like new clothes for children 5 years told to 17 years old.

They are also in need of canned goods and school supplies.