Claus collection: Central Texas woman has 'Santa only' Christmas home

One of the near 1,000 Santa Clauses at Linda Bohannan's home in Robinson. (Photo by Rissa Shaw)
One of the near 1,000 Santa Clauses at Linda Bohannan's home in Robinson. (Photo by Rissa Shaw)(KWTX)
Published: Dec. 14, 2018 at 11:01 PM CST
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Santa Claus isn't coming to town...he's already here!

A Robinson woman has almost 1,000 Santas in her home.

"They're everywhere, my poor husband," joked Linda Bohannan. "I have about 300 on my Christmas tree alone."

Bohannan, a self-proclaimed 'Santa addict', started collecting them about 12 years ago.

"One of my bosses bought me a Santa for Christmas...that's my first one ever," said Bohannan. "I don't have a favorite because I love 'em all!"

It takes Bohannan and her daughter Jade the good part of a day to unpack the Santas and put them on display for family and friends at her home on Stovall Drive.

There's usually a casualty or two each year as many of the ornaments and figurines are fragile.

"That just means I have to buy more!" she laughed.

To save some of that Christmas cash, Bohannan says she buys most of her Santas after December 25th and at garage sales.

"If they're on sale, I'm buying it," she said. "When you see one you just have to have it."

She's become so Santa-centric, she has a Santa-only tree, and most of the gifts she receives are Santa-related.

"We have no other ornaments but Santas," said Bohannan. "And if anyone buys me something my daughter will go 'it's not a Santa, you can't put that in our house, it's not a Santa!'"

Year after year, she considers not putting them out, but she says she can't say no to Santa.

"I'm tired, but then when it comes to get to Christmas I'm excited to put them out," she said.

Her Christmas 'addiction' appears to run in the family: one of her sisters collects elves, the other collects snowmen.

However, Bohannan says there's just something special about Santa.

"It's just a special thing and it's dear to my heart," she said.