Search-and-rescue teams stationed in Mississippi

The Mississippi River is at 16 feet, which is just below flood stage, 17 feet, in New Orleans, Thursday, July 11, 2019 ahead of Tropical Storm Barry from the Gulf of Mexico. The river levees protect to about 20 feet, which the river may reach if predicted storm surge prevents the river from flowing into the Gulf of Mexico. | Photo Source: AP Photo / Matthew Hinton

NEW ORLEANS (AP) Search-and-rescue teams are stationed at three places in Mississippi in preparation for torrential rainfall from Tropical Storm Barry as it pushes north from the Gulf of Mexico.

Mississippi Emergency Management Agency spokesman T.J. Werre said Friday the teams are on the Gulf Coast, at Camp Shelby military base near Hattiesburg and in Pike County in the southwestern part of the state near the Louisiana state line.

The coast is expected to receive tidal surge and the southwestern part of the state is expected to see the heaviest rainfall from Friday to Sunday.

About 550,000 acres in the rural Mississippi Delta, north of Vicksburg, has been flooded for months, much of it, farmland.

Werre says the storm could exacerbate that problem as it moves north along the Mississippi River.