Search for Central Texas man’s missing puppy comes to sad end

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) The search for a lost dog in Waco has come to a sad end.

Mack’s collar was found by his family Saturday close to where his body was found late Friday night at the train tracks between South 22nd and South 23rd streets. (Herrera family photo).

Mack, a boxer puppy that disappeared on May 16, was found dead late Friday night.

Local animal rescuers who had been assisting in the search to find Mack said he was decapitated by a train.

Even though he remains were partly decomposed, they were able to identify the dog through his microchip, which was still in his body and could still be scanned.

Teams of volunteers met at Indian Spring Middle School at 7 p.m. Friday before fanning out to search high and low for the almost two-year-old boxer.

"Although it was not the result we were wanting, the family has the closure they asked for and can return home," said Jill Jenkins with Heart of Texas Lost Found Pets.

Mack's owner, Dustin Herrera, of Austin, graduated from Baylor University.

He was in Waco visiting a friend at their newly purchased building on Washington Avenue when Mack somehow escaped.

"There was a freak situation where Mack got out of a window and we've been here ever since scouring the city," Herrera said Friday.

"We're hoping to get him back."

Mack was spotted several times.

The Facebook employee had taken the entire week off to look for his beloved pet, hiring trackers and using drones to aid in the search.

"It's literally been the worst experience of my life," said Herrera.

Searchers said it was ultimately members of the homeless community who led them to Mack's body near the train tracks between South 22nd and South 23rd streets.

"These kind people led us to him at dark, we would not have found him without their network," said Jenkins.

Herrera is devastated by the news but thankful his body was found.

"Mack is no longer scared or in pain, he is now resting in eternal peace," said Herrera.

"In his short life he was able to bring such a strong bond of community together of everyone working together towards one common goal."

He thanked the dozens of people who helped search for him all week.

"I will always remember what you did for me and my parents, in complete darkness comes light, and you guys were my light," said Herrera. "I really wish you could have experienced the love Mack brought to this world."

Mack's body was taken to a local veterinarian for cremation.

Michelle Ann with HOTLFP said a cross will be made to place where Mack's body was found.