Secure pets on NYE, Waco city shelter full

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Waco pet owners need to take extra precautions this year to secure their pets during New Year’s Eve celebrations according to the Humane Society of Central Texas.

“New Year’s is coming up,” Leo Delgado, Humane Society said.

“That’s another big influx of intakes is during the fireworks, loud noises, it’s frightening to (pets). Even if they’ve never jumped your fence a day in their life. They’ve been with you for years. It’s frightening for them and they will find a way to get through.”

Delgado said it’s always tough at the shelter around the holidays. Winter weather drives strays in and potential adopters are distracted with holiday activities.

Stray intake has been high in 2017 but this winter has been especially difficult. On Thursday morning he said there was room for one more dog. After that room will have to be made, most likely in the form of putting another dog down.

On average Delgado said the shelter takes in 25 dogs but recently that average has soared to around 30. In some cases reaching as high as 40 to 50 dogs.

Last week the Humane Society hosted a successful adoption drive, finding homes for 60 pets. Fostering pets is also another way to support the shelter.

“Members of our community pool together and emptied that kennel for another (dog) in need,” Delgado said.

“They take these dogs home to a normal family setting and it gets the dog used to family life. To where they can get it adopted. It’s a lot easier to market that dog saying: good with other dogs, child friendly, etc.”

Food/supply donations, volunteering and sponsoring adoptions are other ways the community can provide much needed relief for the Humane Society.

Humane Society of Central Texas: (254) 754-1454