Security stepped up at local high school after social media post


SALADO, Texas (KWTX) Extra deputies from the Bell County Sheriff’s Department were at Salado High School on Friday as a precaution after a student made a “concerning” post on social media Thursday night.

The post read, ““I tried to be myself around you damn people yet y’all shut me out and throw me away because you’re afraid of what I can do to your mind and body. You never had a reason to be afraid but now y’all do, I’m done tolerating you animals,” Salado Superintendent Michael Novotny said.

The district contacted the sheriff’s department and the Salado Police Department immediately after discovering the post.

Novotny says the student was not in school on Friday, but said deputies did visit the student at his home.

“Safety of our students is our top priority, so we would respond immediately to any report and investigate it thoroughly and take any necessary steps to keep our kids safe,” Novotny said.

“We really appreciate parents and students reporting this in a prompt manner so we’re able to get that information and act on it.”

A notice was sent out to students and parents informing them of the social media post.

An investigation is ongoing.