Share the road: cyclists and drivers vigilant on Waco streets

WACO, Tx Are some Central Texas bike lanes confusing? Believe it or not cyclists have all of the same rights to the roads as drivers according to TXDOT.

Despite close quarters on some Waco roads, one cyclist said he’s had nothing but good experiences riding in different parts of town.

Joel Allen has been an avid cyclist for eight years.

“For the most part my experience has been really, really positive by and large,” Allen said.

“The bike lanes are better than they ever have been and that's exciting to see.”

The Baylor student and manager at Bear Mountain said bike lanes make trips around town quick and safe.

“The expansion of areas where bikers can ride is always a good thing,” Allen said.

Riders moving slower than the flow of traffic should move closer to the curb, for safety reasons.

And Drivers should always give cyclists plenty of space on the roads.

“Drivers tend to be really respectful of your two wheeled friends,” Allen said.

Just remember, whenever in doubt always remain vigilant of others on the road.